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[The Machine] The AAROFLEX Solid Imager AAROFLEX, Inc. is the manufacturer of the AAROFLEX Solid Imager(TM), a machine which creates three-dimensional physical models representing Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) files. The AAROFLEX Solid Imager utilizes a revolutionary rapid prototyping and freeform fabrication process based on patented stereolithography technology. This innovative method allows fabrication of solid or thin, hollow-wall constructions with intricate detail, at a fraction of the time and cost of conventional model-making methods.


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AAROFLEX Desktop Model

Our little handy dandy jewel maker! Seven inch cubed vat for the little jobs that require presicision.

Albert C. Young

" NEW "

Superior Technology :

AACURA 22 Solid State



  AIM - Advanced Imaging and Manufacturing 

Product Design and Development  -  Architectural Design  -  Computer Aided 3-D Design  -  Finite Element Analysis  -  Prototypes for Design Evaluation  -  Conceptual Marketing Models  -  Masters and Negatives for Tooling  -  Vacuum Cast Molding  -  Visualization and Animation  -  Marketing and Manufacturing Consultation  -  Model Fabrication  -  Industrial Design  -  CAD  -  Graphic Design  -  Reverse Engineering

AIM Advanced Imaging and Manufacturing

AIM is a rapid prototyping and manufacturing service bureau offering solid modeling services utilizing the AAROFLEX Solid Imager, product design and development, computer aided design with the industry's leading 3-D CAD applications, finite element analysis, vacuum cast molding, animation and visualization, marketing and manufacturing consultation.



Product Release

The fastest, most efficient Rapid Prototyping tool in the industry.

The New AACURA 22

Utilizing the highest power solid state UV laser in stereolithography with the newest line of RP resins, the Solid ImagerÔ  reaches uncommon ground within the market.

Fairfax, Virginia: AAROFLEX, Inc. of Fairfax, VA recently emerged as a primary source of stereolithography equipment. The company’s Solid Imager Ô creates models from layers of selectively cured photosensitive resins, using either gas or solid-state lasers. The AAROFLEX Solid ImagerÔ creates three-dimensional physical models representative of Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Computer Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) files, by means of computer-directed laser solidification of photosensitive polymer. The AAROFLEX Solid Imager’sÔ modular design allows configuration of a machine best suited to an individual company’s needs. There are Helium Cadmium Laser, Solid State Laser and Argon Ion Laser versions of the Solid ImagerÔ with part capacities up to 25" x 25" x 25". Larger part capacities up to 36" dia. and 22" deep and lasers up to three watt are available as a custom order and will require a longer lead time. The Solid Imager’s Ô open architecture not only significantly reduces maintenance costs but also provides our customers with alternative maintenance options. With over Seventy machines throughout the world utilizing the DuPont technology, the Solid Imager Ôis compatible with all stereolithography resins and third party software programs.

The AccuFlexÔ Scanning System: AAROFLEX has recently inaugurated the latest in scanning technology, the AccuFlexÔ scanning system. The AccuFlexÔ system functions in both vector and raster mode, allowing the user to apply the scanning method best suited to the part geometry. For example, the raster mode makes it possible to scan an entire surface from one end to the other with several holes simultaneously, thereby eliminating the jumps back to a dry joint. The AccuFlexÔ scanner also incorporates the new SmartScanÔ feature. SmartScanÔ increases speed and efficiency by reducing the scanning time according to the exposed surface area of the part on the platform, rather than having to scan the entire area of the platform. The Solid ImagerÔ is the first stereolithography system to offer a scanner that is not only capable of the fast and efficient raster scan, but also capable of calculating the geometry of a part and selectively scanning the surface area of the part slice it solidifies.

Most Powerful SS Laser in the Industry: AAROFLEX will use the Prototyper DPSS laser from LiCONiX to produce the most powerful solid state stereolithography system on the market: The Prototyper LiCONiX designed the laser with average power levels, with a selection from 250 or 500 milliwatts at 355nm, and with pulse repetition rates to 70kHz. Combining the power conversion efficiency of diode pumped solid state technology with proprietary laser cavity design, this laser is ideally suited to the Rapid Prototyping industry. The mechanical design uses stress-relieved components, providing stability for the life of the laser. A universal power supply allows operation at all common line voltages and frequencies. All optical elements in the laser head are temperature controlled and operate at or near room temperature. With the Prototyper, AAROFLEX maintains the lead in power with both gas and solid state laser systems. This will enable AAROFLEX to operate at a notably more precise level of production than that of its competitors.

New RP Resins for Stereolithography: A joint campaign between RPC of Eourope and AAROFLEX, Inc. was established in order to demonstrate RPCure 100 AR Resin and the Solid ImagerÔ . RPC, a developer of materials for stereolithography, vacuum casting and Rapid Tooling is committed to producing materials of high and constant quality and is willing to collaborate to meet specific customer needs. At this time RPC produces and sells two high performance epoxy resins for stereolithography machines equipped with He/Cd and AI UV-lasers and a vacuum casting resin, all of which are now commercially available.

Stereolithography Advantage System
  Features The AAROFLEX Advantage
Part Capacity Various part capacity and frame sizes for custom configuration. Part capacity upgradable within frame size.
Scanner Speed Raster: Up to 1250 inches per second Vector: Up to 400 inches per second Fastest machine available on the market in North America.
Resolution Up to 3,000 DPI Exacting detail.
Accuracy Average over 10" up to .0005" per inch. Most accurate machine available on the market in North America.
Modulator Uses first order of beam. 20% more power to the vat.
Laser Power Up to 3 Watts - Gas laser. Up to 500 mW - Solid State laser. Interchangeable and upgradeable lasers.
Build Material DuPont recommended. Compatible with all commercially available stereolithography resins. Availability of a variety of resins.
Layer Thickness From .002" to .020" selectable range. Versatility in the part build process.
Vats Totally interchangeable vats within class. Allows user to stock a variety of resins for a multi-use machine.
Platform Removable, perforated, solid plate platform. Easier access to parts, improved resin flow.
Recoater Positive application Eliminates "dry wipes" and trapped volume problems.
Beam Spot Size .003 - .008 inches. Adjustable focal length. Sharper corners. Yields more complete cure in the vat and better definition in geometry.
Draw Styles & Methods Vector scan and raster scan via SmartScan™. Casting styles using Imageware RPM tooling options. Vector scan for thin walls and supports. Raster scan for speed, accuracy and complexity.
Software User-friendly, slices "on-the-fly". Menu driven interface. No pre-processing time or additional computers required.
Service ServiceMate™ remote operation, diagnostics and support. No waiting period for technical support.
Laser Service Direct from laser factory contract. Direct, cost effective support from manufacturer.
Operation Status Local or remote pager (CallMate™) and dial-up reporting (DataTrac™). Allows user to monitor build process from another location.
Company Policy Assist client in maximizing their benefits. No built-in competition.


SIZE OF OVEN: Cabinet: 42"w x 32"dp x 38"
Window: 4" x 6"
Door: 24" x 24"
Turn Table: 30"




110 Volts AC, 10 Amps


0 to 60 minutes


Steel Frame and Steel Panels


Super Actinic Lamps
18 Tubes Peak at 365 NM
Total Output: 540 Watts
UV-A Output: 90 Watts


Draft Ventilation
Shut-Off On Door
Power On-Off

WEIGHT: Approx.

275 Lbs., Uncrated

Post Processing of Prototype Parts
Thin wall under (0.100" thickness)
15-20 minutes
Thick wall over (1.000" thickness)
20-25 minutes
Small surface area under (10"x 10")
15-20 minutes
Large surface area over (15"x 15")
20-25 minutes


Recommended Procedure

AAROFLEX Solid Models

Models which have historically taken days or weeks to construct through traditional subtractive modeling methods can be fabricated in mere hours utilizing the AAROFLEX system, allowing designers, production directors and marketing personnel the ability to review the functionality, manufacturability and marketability of a product within days of the initial design. This enabling technology revolutionizes manufacturing by shortening design and development cycles, enhancing design quality and accuracy and reducing development costs.

ACCUSCAN (TM) Scanning System

The AAROFLEX Solid Imager (TM) has the following new features that make it the fastest, most accurate and efficient rapid prototyping system on the market. These new features are:

AccuScan (TM) scanning system - The new, faster, more accurate raster scan mode on the AccuScan(TM) system scans the entire surface from one end to the other. This allows parts with complicated geometry to be drawn smoothly without stepping and dry joints.

SmartScan (TM) - The newest feature on the AccuScan(TM) scanning system, SmartScan scans the area of the geometry being drawn, not the total width of the vat. This feature reduces the scanning time according to the exposed surface area of the part on the platform, as opposed to having to scan the entire area of the platform.

The Solid Imager is the first Stereolithography system to offer a scanner that is not only capable of the fast and efficient raster scan, but is also capable of calculating the geometry of a part and selectively scanning the surface area of the part slice it solidifies. The increased speed and efficiency achieved by these features widen the gap between the Solid Imager capabilities and that of its competitors.

Specifications on the AAROFLEX Solid Imager Ô

Principal Components

Graphics Control:

Computer: Sun Sparc5 Workstation

Operating System:

UNIX based X-Windows and MOTIF using SOLARIS 2.5
User friendly, menu driven interface
Scanning System: Proprietary High-Speed, High Resolution ACCUFLEX
Scanner with Raster and Vector scan modes
Laser System: Platform and Layer Control System Input: Three dimensional solid image data in the form of a binary or ASCII .stl, .slc or .cli file;
optional 2-D or 3-D support file.

Operational Parameters

Laser Efficiency:

60 percent or greater (to platform) Layer Overhead: 30 to 75 seconds, typical (coat, settle and cure time) Scan Speed: 1250 inches per second (dependent upon power) Beam Spot Size: .003 - .008

Output Parts

Maximum Size:

25 x 25 x 25 inches Layer Thickness: .002 to .010 inches (.005 typical): dependent upon power Accuracy: X,Y average over 10 inches up to .001" per inch/ inch
Z = +/- 1/2 of build layer thickness + print through
(Typically .0025" for part with .005" layer thickness)
Resolution: Up to 3,000 DPI



7 feet 4 inches (2.24m) Width: 8 feet 10 inches (2.69m) Depth: 4 feet 4 inches (1.32m) Weight: Approximately 600 lbs. (260Kg)(without imaging materials)


Operating Temperature:

68-80º F. (20-27º C.) Humidity: 60-80 percent relative, non-condensing Lighting: Ultraviolet-free ambient

Utility Requirements


120 VAC-60 Hz-20 Amps (for computer and HeCd or SolidState Systems)
208 VAC-60 Hz-65 Amps-three phase (Laser/AI Systems)
208 VAC-60 Hz-60 Amps-single phase (Heat Exchanger/AI Systems)
Water: 2.53 Gal (U.S.) per minute (AI Systems) Water Drain: 4 Gal (U.S.) per minute (AI Systems)

* Specifications subject to change without notice.
** Slight variation may exist between models.


A New Dimension in Medical Diagnostics and Legal Evidence

[Picture of Skull}  The integration of medical imaging with AAROFLEX solid modeling also offers a diverse array of innovations to the medical and legal professions, from the casting of custom implants and prostheses to the modeling of organs for patient education, preoperative planning and demonstrative evidence.

Masters and Patterns for Tooling

[Spinner Graphic] With accuracy to within .003 of an inch, AAROFLEX models are also ideal negatives for castings and masters for a variety of mold-making and tooling processes.


Company Biographies

Good business starts at the very core of a company with the people who create the business from the ground up. The AAROFLEX team incorporates the talents, skills and expertise needed in this futuristic age where many businesses are fundamentally based on growing technologies. Since the Rapid Prototyping industry is relatively new, the support from those interested in its success confirms their confidence and commitment to the technology. The commitment of each member of the AAROFLEX team is noted not only in the individual support for the rapid prototyping industry, but in the success of AAROFLEX and its efforts in continual development of this technology. AAROFLEX is not simply a leading force in Stereolithography, but more specifically, a group of knowledgeable and dependable personnel who make up the most efficient team represented in the field. The individuals who create a unified team of uniquely qualified craftsmen within a company are truly those who desire personal satisfaction in business rather than the coldness of corporate industries. There is a difference in business relations based on these insights and the AAROFLEX team is committed to making this difference successful, one client at a time.

"Corporate communications can’t create a corporate character. A company already has a character, which communications can reinforce."

Albert C. Young, Jr., P.E.

Chairman and CEO

As the President of AAROFLEX, Albert C. Young, Jr., P.E. has the attitude, judgment and ability to motivate his staff to maximum individual and team effort. He demonstrates leadership qualities and the ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing. He develops the philosophy and goals of the company, ensuring the successful execution of these goals and plans by building and directing an organization that will successfully develop, market and support current and future generations of RPM technologies. Mr. Young has more than 35 years of experience in all planning, design, engineering and construction management aspects of public works and public facilities. More recently, he has focused on the manufacturing of the fastest, most accurate, most efficient stereolithography system in the world.

The "Magical" Stereolithography Process

Learn more about the stereolithography process.



(21.25 x 21.25 x 0.375 inches)

AAROFLEX is providing a user test part for those who wish to compare their machine capabilities to those of the AAROFLEX Solid Imager(TM). The part will demonstrate speed, size and accuracy for straight or curved surfaces. The compressed "2125usr.exe" file can be downloaded from our web site at by ftp or clicking on "2125usr.stl". You will need approximately 400K of disk space in the ".stl" form.

(AAROFLEX Airport Terminal Building and Control Tower)

AAROFLEX Airport Terminal Building and Control Tower



Sample the AAROFLEX Solid Imager(TM) at a Low Cost! AAROFLEX, Inc. is offering service bureaus the opportunity to sample the capabilities of what we believe to be the largest, fastest, most accurate and efficient rapid prototyping system in the world - the AAROFLEX Solid Imager. This is a demonstration of advanced technology and a superior product at less cost.

AAROFLEX will provide rapid prototyping services below current market price to service bureaus interested in the capabilities of the AAROFLEX Solid Imager and the DuPont resins. This allows service bureaus interested in purchasing the AAROFLEX Solid Imager to sample the technology at a low cost. Service bureaus are invited to use AAROFLEX's services to manufacture parts in the event of a crunch period at a price that will allow them to add a percentage and make a profit. Price protection will be provided to service bureaus who own and use an AAROFLEX machine.

Service bureaus may receive a 25% cash discount for parts fabricated by AAROFLEX on the AAROFLEX Solid Imager or receive a credit of 40% of the amount paid on service invoices towards the purchase of an AAROFLEX Solid Imager. There are several AAROFLEX Solid Imagers currently awaiting delivery. Purchasers of the AAROFLEX Solid Imager will be given priority in our build schedule over potential buyers.

AAROFLEX can provide these discounts and continue to reap an attractive profit on rapid prototyping services due to the faster, more accurate ACCUSCAN scanning system, and reduced build and finishing time. Additionally, the positive applicator blade system helps reduce down time caused by "dry-wipes" thereby producing a more efficient machine.

Parts built on the AAROFLEX Solid Imager are satisfaction guaranteed. If a part built on the Solid Imager is not adequate, it may be returned, along with a written statement of the cause of dissatisfaction, within 10 days for a full refund.

For more information and details on this offer, please contact AAROFLEX, Inc. at

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